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You are sick of the chemicals and plastics in your skin care. You want the good stuff from nature packed full of nutrients. That's why we only do all natural.

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Noctua Soap Co Rejuvenation Night Cream Basil Essential Oil Grapfruit Essential Oil Tangerine Essential Oil

Packaged in a beautiful box

Infused with essential oils

Noctua Soap Co handcrafted in the blue barn

Everything is crafted inside the blue barn

Noctua Soap Co Soap All Natual Essential Oils Vegan

Soap is cured for 6 weeks

“The lotion is amazing! I not only use it for everyday use, but it helped to heal my recent tattoo perfectly. I knew that I could trust the ingredients both for safety and effectiveness. And on top of that, the scent is heavenly! Can't wait to try the soap.” 

- Caroline M.

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Blake Ablelard and Jasmin Lahtinen are big fans of Noctua!


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