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Chantz Simpson Holding Noctua Soap Co Alpine Lavender Nig.jpg t Cream

Actor Chantz Simpson can be seen on shows like "Awkward" and "Grey's Anatomy". He is a big fan of Noctua Soap Co, thanks @chantzsimpson!

Riley Simpson Loves Noctua Soap Co Rejuvenation Soap

YouTube star Riley Simpson loves Rejuvenation soap!

Thanks @ririsimpsonn!

Blake Abelard and Jasmin Lahtinen Use Noctua Soap Co Alpine Lavender Night Cream Every Night.jpg

TV reality show stars and power couple Blake Ablelard and Jasmin Lahtinen love using our creams every night. Thanks @hollowbrooks and @jasminaniel!

We may have just launched, but the buzz is already starting! :)

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