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Anti-Aging Benefits of Geranium and Palmarosa

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

For those seeking anti aging skincare, geranium and palmarosa essential oil show promising results on returning skin to its natural, vibrant state.

The key to an effective anti-aging regimen is to understand how your skin ages and what you can do to protect and heal it.

Your skin is resilient but it faces threats from both inside and outside of your body. Without providing your skin with the tools it needs to fight off those threats, the results can manifest as prematurely aged skin.

This article will discuss the primary factors that cause aging and how you can achieve the natural results you are looking for with palmarosa and geranium essential oils. These oils are specially formulated and infused into our Fountain of Youth soap and cream which we will highlight at the end.

Causes of Aging

Internal - Decrease in Collagen

The strength and resiliency of your skin is highly influenced by collagen. Collagen is a protein found in your skin's connective tissues. Smooth skin has abundant and uniformly arranged collagen [1] which is why youthful skin appears smooth. Adults begin to lose collagen naturally as they age. On average, the collagen levels in adults decreases by 1% every year [2]. The appearance of fine wrinkles commonly indicate the loss of collagen.

External - The Sun

The harmful affects of the sun will increase signs of skin damage. Left untreated, your skin will begin to show signs of prematurely aged, uneven and/or discolored skin spots [1] that may be permanent. These spots may also appear as dry or rough [1].

The radiation absorbed in your skin manifests itself in the form or trapped free radicals.

Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage other healthy cells to become stable.

To view more on this topic, see our article here.

The Solution

Palmarosa Essential Oil

Palmarosa is a hidden gem in its anti-aging capabilities. Palmarosa has shown a prominent ability to increase the production of collagen. The collagen promoting effects of palmarosa were observed in a laboratory study by analyzing the effects of the oil applied to organic tissue skin wounds [4]. The study showed a remarkable increase in newly synthesized collagen and additional research findings are forthcoming.

Geranium Essential Oil

The anti-aging benefits of geranium come from the antioxidant activity of its main compound, geraniol. In a study conducted by the Biochemistry Department in Egypt, geranium proved to have a significant ability in removing free radicals that kill your healthy skin cells [3]. Additionally, geraniol's antioxidant capabilities has spurred interest into its effects on treating cancer.

Fountain of Youth

The Noctua Soap Co. Fountain of Youth soap & cream products were formulated to contain palmarosa and geranium essential oils. These essential oils were selected from researching their compounds, properties and performance. Mitigate life's damage, before it becomes permanent, by adding our antioxidant rich products to your skincare regimen.

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